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Los Angeles Lakers Photographer

One on one with Lakers point gaurd Steve Nash

October, 7 2012
words and images by Frankie Leal

At what point did you realize that being a professional basketball player was a real possibility?
I started playing the game when I was thirteen. When I finished my junior year of High school I wanted to be a pro but it wasn't a guarantee. I had one scholarship offer at the end of my senior year. I had it in my mind that: whenever you declare something to yourself mentally it becomes a possibility.

Who were some of your influences growing up?
Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson for basketball. Wayne Gretzky, Darryl Strawberry and a lot of soccer players. I grew up liking all sports so there are many different athletes.

What advice would you give to a young athlete?
Work Hard. Work hard everyday, you can't take a day off. Your game is your craft and its like breathing so you got to do it every day to survive. Set goals for yourself, visualize and have big dreams.

How important is a ring for you?
Its what I'm here for everyday and it wont ruin my life or define me If I don't win one and it wont define me if i do but thats certainly what motivates me everyday.

What are your first impressions about your new team?
Its been great. Everyone is working hard, attitudes are great, coaching staff is very thorough and prepared so I'm thrilled. I think we're taking the necessary steps, really able to take the next steps and hopefully a bunch of steps after that.

So is this the year for the Lakers?
We have great talent. We have guys who are motivated and we have a good coaching staff. We have the makings of a championship caliber team.

With two MVPS and Eight All Star Appearances
do you feel any pressure to carry this team to to the finals?

I put pressure on myself everyday. I always feel pressure because I have always been the underdog. I think its a team game though. Ill put pressure on myself to improve the team and to win every night but at the end of the day you cant put this on one person.

What do you want to be remembered as?
A competitor and a great teammate.


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