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Kobe Bryant pre season game in Fresno California

Los Angeles Lakers in Fresno, CA
October, 7 2012
words by Celeste Leal • images Frankie Leal

If your an NBA fan, you know that a chilly October night signifies the start of the NBA's pre-season. Tonight, I got locker room access and a court side seat with my name on it. I'm about to witness the NBA's most decorative team; The Los Angeles Lakers gear up to battle the Golden State Warriors from Fresno's Save Mart Center. On paper, The lakers show a promising year with names like: Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Pau Gassol and Metta World Peace.

Theres not one fan not cheering as the Lakers charge the court. Young fans are bursting-out their favorite players name, every once in a while, the players turn and gives them a wink. The beautiful Laker Girls are in the building but I must admit, an injured Dwight Howard was the Lakers biggest cheer leader tonight as he supported his fellow teammates throughout the entire contest.

The Lakers win the jump ball, and within minutes Steve Nash delivers his first ever assist as a Laker to Kobe Bryant, The first of many more to come and it took place right here in the Central Valley! Later Kobe goes strong to the hoop and gets fouled. The entire arena starts to chant MVP, MVP! The newly constructed team meshed together well, they looked strong, like an established team would. The Lakers ended the first half on top. The starters then sat out the entire second half and as the Lakers' lead began to fade, the desperate laker fans began a chant for their superstar: We want Kobe, we want Kobe! A chant that would reoccur until the end of the game.

Judging from tonights game, The Lakers played well. Obviously, with the new all-star editions, they will need to build chemistry and that may take time. Hopefully it won't take too long, the ticking clock is now ticking as their all star Kobe Bryant only expects to play for two more seasons.

Attending an NBA game is always more exciting vs watching it from your living room. Ticket pricing is reasonable and well worth the investment if you make it a family outing. Memories are created that will last a life time. If your lucky, you might get your favorite players autograph. Lucky for us, Central Valley Fans are only about three hours south or north of an NBA arena. If traveling is not for you, stay connected with the Lakers via their web-site for future pre-game schedules, they'll most likely come back next year!


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