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CV-ROOTS is short for Central Valley Roots. It is our goal to feature the locals from the Central Valley that have moved away to persue careers in the entertainment industry. From personal assistants of the rich & famous, fashion designers, makeup artists, musicians, actors , and comedians. We want to connect you to your family here in the Central Valley.


Eric SeanEric Sean

text and photo by: Frankie Leal

Eric Sean has hustled his way to a juicy career that has seen him dj and work alongside 3 Six Mafia and Baby Bash to name a few. His career is a perfect example of the American Dream. You can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. Celebrity Detour caught up with Eric to take us back to his hometown of Modesto, CA where it all began. Read what he's doing now and where he's going next. This interview is a true inspirational story that even inspired me. Thanks Eric.

How did you get into Djing?
In High School I used to dance with a Mobile DJ Group called, “Central Unit.” I would mess around with the Turntables. I’m in Radio now, but I always loved to DJ as a hobby.

Who were your biggest dj influences growing up?
The two DJ’s that were in my group, Adrian (Mixing Baby) & Alvin (DJ 9T9) I’d also have to say King Tech from Sway and Tech. I used to listen to him on 106 KMEL(San Francisco) back in the day.

Before you launched your career; what type of jobs did you have?
I did it all...from selling vacuums, to McDonalds, Taco Bell, an Usher at a Movie theatre, Frito Lay, Bronco Winery. You name it, I did it.

How did your career begin?
Like I said earlier, I was in a dj group called “Central Unit,” I would try to DJ... but was better at MC’ing and dancing... then I stopped dancing to be a rapper. My song was aired on KUOP and I was invited back to host every Sunday night. From there Radio took over my life, and DJ’ing came with it.

Did you expect to be where you are today?
I always wished it, but growing up on the West Side of Modesto I didn’t think it was possible. I definitely feel blessed to be where I am today, but I still feel like I need to accomplish A LOT more.. Anything is possible with hard work!

Has technology in dj equipment changed from when you started?
YES! For DJ’ing we used to carry like 6 milk crates to every gig, now you just need a laptop. Radio also changed. We used to use carts for music, then CD’s, now it’s all digital. I remember in radio having to edit my phone calls with a reel to reel. Now they use computer programs. Amazing what technology has produced!

What goals are you trying to accomplish right now?
Right now I am really trying to make a name for my Record Label/Company, RadioHeadz Music Group. I manage artists: Tino Cochino, Spirit & Big Tank. Look them up at RadioHeadzMusic Group.com. I have been very busy on the road with Three 6 Mafia as their Road Manager and DJ. You can see some of the behind the scene videos on www.youtube.com/iamericsean also friend me on www.facebook.com/iamericsean,
follow me on www.twitter.com/iamericsean and Instagram at www.instagram.com/IamEricSean

What do you like best about being a dj?
The traveling and meeting new people across the world. It feels good to feel the energy from the crowd when I’m behind the booth.

What do you like least about being a dj?
Honestly, it doesn’t have anything bad about it. Music is a bridge to everyone; it brings people together and if I can make them listen, what can be bad about that?

Have you ever been celebrity star stuck. If so, by who?
I meet so many different musicians, that I don’t get star struck from them. But when I met Hulk Hogan I was tripping because I grew up watching him wrestle.

Where are you living now? What are you doing today/current projects?
I am living in Greenville, South Carolina. My projects have been successful with Three 6 Mafia, and making my new artists Tino Cochino, Spirit & Big Tank successful artists as well!

Ten years from now what will Eric Sean be doing?
Continue the success of RadioHeadz Music Group. I want to own my own building and to be a one stop shop for artists. From Artist Management/Consulting to a recording studio, even in-house video production. Anything needed for success we will help you with. We are just waiting to get linked and signed with a major label.

Is there a secret to success? What advice would you give to a young DJ?
If I knew the secret to success, I’d be as rich as Jay Z, ha ha. I think everyone has a different idea what success is. The only advice I can give is: Don’t let anyone make you feel you can’t follow your dreams. Don’t just settle for stuff. Go out of your comfort zone and visit different cities, listen to the different types of music the people like. If you’re a DJ, you need to learn the crowd, EVERY type of crowd.



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