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CV-ROOTS is short for Central Valley Roots. It is our goal to feature the locals from the Central Valley that have moved away to persue careers in the entertainment industry. From personal assistants of the rich & famous, fashion designers, makeup artists, musicians, actors , and comedians. We want to connect you to your family here in the Central Valley.


Baby BashBaby Bash

text and photo by: Frankie Leal

There is only a selective few musicians from the Central Valley that reach great success in the music industry. Celebrity Detour sits down with Central Valley's own Baby Bash. Bash takes us back, way back in the day when going to the movies and cruising Fresno's Blackstone was the thing to do. Also, find out why his career has lasted longer than the average rapper.

CD: I heard you have roots in the central valley? Where did you grow up?
Baby Bash: I grew up in Vallejo, Mendota and Fresno.

CD: Do you have any specific memories living in Fresno?
Baby Bash: I remember my 5th, 6th and 7th grade years. I was living in Mendota. We didn’t have a movie theater or a mall so it was a big day if we ever had enough money to drive out to Fresno to go to the movies or mall. I was so happy to hit Blackstone Ave., that was a big deal for me.

CD: Where you into music at that a young age?
Baby Bash: No, sports, sports. I played sports. I’m more of a sports guy if anything.

CD: Who is your favorite basketball team?
Baby Bash: Right now, the Phoenix Suns. Steve Nash, I play like Steve Nash, yea that’s how I play.

CD: When did you start making music?
Baby Bash: Uh, you know back when I was playing college basketball. In 2 deep had a song called back to the hotel. I would go to In 2 Deep’s studio and mess around. Back to the hotel was a big hit. I was going to school and playing ball After practice I would go to the studio and hang out and see what they were doing. I never really considered myself a rapper or anything like that. I would just mess around. People started liking my music and I started getting more confident, so probably around 95, 96 I started getting into it. I didn’t get serious till 97 and 98 when I got out of school.

CD: When you where messing around in the studio, did you have a job?
Baby Bash: I was selling weed. You know what I mean. I was grindin. I was out there hustling, going to basketball practice. I was broke as hell actually, so I sold a little weed just to cover my school. I drove a little hoopty car.

CD: Is there a certain song, person or tour that made you who you are today?
Baby Bash: Well, the biggest people in my life? There’s three of them. Jay Tee got me in the studio with him for a while. We created Latino Velvet. That started me off. Kid Frost who saw me do my thing. He heard my music and liked my style. He said, “I was the new latino but with a new swag”. I didn’t gang bang, I wasn’t trying to be hard. I was just a cool cat. Kid Frost brought me up and and introduced me to South Park Mexican, so I ended up in Houston. I love Texas. The economics are cool, cost of living is cool, women are cool, know what I mean? That was my main reason to stay in Texas, to work with SPM. Those three people are the biggest influences as far as my music goes.

CD: Your first big check, what did you do with it?
Baby Bash: 250,000! Thanks Universal, thanks Universal Records. Thank you! Yea! That’s when I did Suga Suga. I bought me a house, Got my grandma a crib, got me a nice ride, put some money in the bank. Then I kept touring so more money was coming in and I started stacking it. I didn’t go buy no jewelry, this watch was given to me. All my jewelry is given to me from a Casey Jeweler because if I take pictures with it on they’ll give it to me. I will never spend a crazy five or ten thousand dollars on jewelry. I would rather put it away or help my family.

CD: It’s easy for hip hop artist to get in trouble. You seem to stay out of drama?
Baby Bash: Yea, common sense. I’m a big fan of common sense. I don’t have an ego. I’ve never wanted to be the number one rapper or number one artist. I never wanted to be anything big. I just have a talent to write songs and that’s what I do. All the perks that go with it are nice but I never feel that I’m better than anybody because I’ve been rough. I’ve been through the lowest of lows, I’ve seen it all.

CD: How was Iraq?
Baby Bash: It was nice but it was kind of hard. It was miserable sometimes. The weather was 138 degrees. It was dirty, filthy. We were sleeping in the barracks. We were actually in the army for 5 days. It was way worth it though. The look we put on the soldiers faces was awesome. They were saying thanks for coming. We visited the wounded warriors, rode in the Chinooks, rode in the black hawks, seen some wild camel running around. It was definitely a life time experience. I got a whole new look at the war now and my soldiers.

CD: Do you have a new CD coming out soon?
Baby Bash: Yea, my new single will drop the first week of November 2008, its called that’s how I go produced by Lil Jon featuring Mario and the Stooie brothers are on it too.

CD: Do you have a favorite album?
Baby Bash: I go through different phases, different songs more than albums. There’s some songs on the old albums that could of been bigger hits but we never put them out. Some songs are short changed but that’s how the industry is. I go back to my hard core stuff, my street stuff. Of course suga suga was my baby. I love performing what is it and baby I’m back. I love performing those songs. That’s why I try to keep my music timeless. Suga suga can come out today and still be a big hit. My career has lasted longer than the average rapper. I guess because I’m consistent. I’m good people when I go out. I don’t have an ego. I think that helps me out.

CD: Do you have any other investments or projects going on?
Baby Bash: Yea I got a couple little investments in the crazy ass stock market. I have six houses so real estate of course. Besides that I’m pretty comfortable.

CD: If you can share the stage with anyone, dead or alive. Who would it be?
Baby Bash: Bob Marley, that would be sick. I did a track with Carlos Santana and Jennifer Lopez which is almost legendary. But if I could ever do a song with Bob Marley, bro that would be a hit bro. That would be sick.

CD: What advice would you give to an artist trying to make it in the industry?
Baby Bash: Use common sense. Don’t hang around crazy fools or weirdos and don’t have a big chip on your shoulder. Listen to all types of music. Don’t listen to straight rap because a lot of music out now is garbage. You won’t be able to gage what’s good and what’s bad. Listen to everything: classic, R&B, hip hop, oldies, rock and keep chipping away and networking. Be real. Don’t just think cause your making music and beats your a good rapper. Make sure the song is tight. The rap is one thing but make sure the whole song is tight.


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