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CV-ROOTS is short for Central Valley Roots. It is our mission to report on people from the Central Valley that have moved away to persue careers in the entertainment industry.

From personal assistants to the rich & famous, fashion designers, makeup artists, musicians, actors , and comedians. We want to connect you to your family here in the Central Valley.

Frankie Mazon

Darren Carter Interview
Celebrity Detour sat down with Darren Carter and was able to talk to him about his experiences growing up in Fresno, his set on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in Comedy..

>> Read Full Interview with Darren Carter

Frankie Mazon

Paul Rodriguez Interview
One of the most influential Hispanics in America and member of The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, Reedley native Paul Rodriguez has been making people laugh out loud for over 35 years. The writer, director, producer and now activist has appeared in several feature films, such as D.C. Cab, Born in East L.A., Tortilla Soup, Rat Race, and Ali. His resume includes starring roles and featured appearances in over 45 films and countless television series and comedy specials.

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Frankie Mazon

Frankie Mazon Interview
Native Reedley resident, Frankie Mazon, is proud to work as an assistant to Brian Grazer of Hollywood powerhouse production company, Imagine Entertainment. Imagine Entertainment is responsible for 43 Academy Awards and 131 Emmys. At the same time, their movies have generated more than $13.5 billion in worldwide theatrical, music and video grosses.

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Eric Sean

Eric Sean Interview
Eric Sean has hustled his way to a juicy career that has seen him dj and work alongside 3 Six Mafia and Baby Bash to name a few. His career is a perfect example of the American Dream. You can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. Celebrity Detour caught up with Eric to take us back to his hometown of Modesto, CA where it all began. Read what he's doing now and where he's going next. This interview is a true inspirational story that even inspired me. Thanks Eric.

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Daren Taylor, The Aireborne Toxic Event

Daren Taylor Interview
Living in Kingsburg, I kind of heard about Daren Taylor. But nothing I could really understand. Comments like, ‘he’s famous’, ‘he’s rising to the top,’ ‘he’s going to make it’ kept being circulated. But what did that mean? Traffic Magazine caught up with Daren and was able to talk to him about what has been happening in his life since he left Kingsburg.

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Baby Bash

Baby Bash Interview
There are very few music artists from the Central Valley that reach great success in the music industry. Celebrity Detour sits down with Mendota's own Baby Bash. Bash takes us back, way back in the day when going to the movies and cruising Fresno's Blackstone was the thing to do. Also, find out why his career has lasted longer than the average rapper.

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Bill Melendez

Interview with photographer Raul Vega
Celebrity Detour was delighted to interview Reedley Native Raul Vega. Raul is a celebrity photographer based out of Los Angeles. He has photographed such celebrities as Barbara Walters, Harrison Ford, Eva Mendez, Jim Carrey, and Jackie Chan just to name a few.

>> Read Full Interview with Raul Vega

Bill Melendez

Interview with makeup artist Gilbert Soliz
Celebrity Detour had the pleasure of speaking with Reedley native and make-up artist Gilbert Soliz. Gilbert now resides in Los Angeles and is a rising star in his field.

>> Read Full Interview with Gilbert Soliz


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